Artistry of Wood Veneer

Wood Veneer

Veneer is a thin layer of wood produced by slicing or peeling timber logs

Veneers are typically glued onto core panels

(e.g. MDF board or plywood) or directly onto the end products​

aesthetically enhancing the rather plain/lust-lacking cores.


While solid wood can be prone to warping and splitting, this rarely happens for veneers. The chances of splitting or cracking are greatly reduced because veneer is made of thin layers of wood that are glued together. The layer of glue provides additional strength which makes the end product stronger than the original piece of wood.


By slicing the timber blocks into layers of veneers, the timber that was intended for use as one solid piece can now cover a far greater area. On top of that, through the slicing method, there are almost ZERO wastage as compared to traditional sawing method. As a result, the end product would also be more cost effective and still maintains a natural touch.


Wood has the least impact on total energy use, greenhouse gases, air and water pollution. It is also very long-lasting and durable if protected well. A simple refurbishment and your wood veneer product will be as good as new.